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About Productions

For 25 years, About...Productions critically acclaimed original theaterworks and educational programs have been seen extensively in the greater Los Angeles area, throughout the nation, in Canada, and on national television. We believe in the power of theater to enlighten audiences, celebrate the lives of seniors, and transform greatest-risk youth.


About…Productions celebrates 25 years of creating
original interdisciplinary theaterworks and educational programs
that provoke new perspectives on history, humanity, and culture.

We are pleased to announce
About…Productions’ 25th Anniversary Year programming!

About…Productions, in association with Inner City Arts, presents

how small theater companies are transforming Los Angeles

First Responder Tales is a free 4-part symposia series that examines the unique values
Los Angeles small theater companies hold, their theatrical and survival strategies,
their engagement with their chosen communities, and how best to tell the tale
of their impact on the City of Los Angeles.

Join us at the next symposia for an interactive evening of conversation
to discuss our approaches to surviving and thriving in Greater Los Angeles!
We’ll share our tales from the trenches using cultural mapping,
fish bowls, small group discussions, and networking.

First Responder Tales #2 : tales from the trenches

Wednesday, May 7, from 6:30-9pm
Inner City Arts
720 Kohler Street; Los Angeles, CA 90021

Join the conversation now on the First Responder Tales blog

The Chicano Legacy Project empowers all youth and
enlightens audiences by drawing on the rich and inspiring history of the Chicano movement
of the 1960s and 70s, a period of dramatic civil rights activity that continues to affect all Americans.
It is built around our Evangeline production and its related educational programs,
and the Young Theaterworks’ Through the Ages program.

About Productions’ Young Theaterworks programs offer innovative programming that
introduces youth to the importance of writing and the power of communication
through artistic expression, facilitated dialogue and live performance.


In honor and celebration of About…Productions’ 25th Anniversary,
we will be mining our rich repertoire of original theaterworks,
presenting them in staged readings and full productions,
and preparing them for publication.